The survival, continued growth and profitability of individual operators and industry has become dependent on approaching pension business from an integrated risk perspective. Hence, forward looking operators will constantly need to test the risk preparedness of their business by making the right investment in their people and processes to develop their risk response capability. RBA addresses risk in the Pension Industry with the following capabilities

Risks interconnected in nature, posing threats in different organizational units. Operators will require a holistic approach that integrates risk management in the enterprise system and culture. RBA’s risk consultants will works with organizations to develop an enterprise -wide risk readiness.

With the constantly evolving landscape, operators need to understand the amount of risk to take-on in the pursuit of their corporate objectives. RBA works with the Board and Senior management to ensure that the key risks affecting their corporate objectives are considered in their strategic planning sessions by developing and implementing a risk appetite framework
– Supports, reinforces and meets strategic targets
– Generates efficiencies and improved cost management
– Strengthens the risk culture

Operators will constantly need to overcome the challenge of regulatory compliance, managing stakeholder expectations and protecting their brand. Our consultants will work with them to implement a GRC solution to build their capability to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. The GRC approach will ensure that
– The right people get the right information at the right times;
– That the right objectives are established;
– And that the right actions and controls are put in place.

Volatility in interest rates, currency markets and equities expose fund portfolios. Strategic fund management and effective decision making are crucial to achieve better business outcomes and increase value for contributors in the the multi-fund structure. RBA consultants will work with fund managers to develop risk optimization strategies that address a variety of financial risks to pension funds while delivering better returns on assets.

Having just witnessed the Coronavirus pandemic- a situation which if predicted at the turn of the decade would have been arguable or even laughable- where the world economy in one of the most modern civilizations ever recorded in human history shut down and even the ‘superpowers’ were humbled, the importance of BCMP in today’s world cannot be overemphasized.

Systemic and even isolated business disruptions make it crucial to have plans in place to ensure that business activities can keep moving, even if not at full capacity. Resilience is crucial for the survival of the business, that is, being able to get back up and run again in the shortest possible time.

RBA’s Business Continuity Management Programs entail the development of individualized strategies for organizations in the pension and allied industries to mitigate the risks arising from unexpected events

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