The Year 2020 is quite unlike any other year in the new millennium. It is characterized by the sudden crash of businesses, economies, investments, the pension funds and the world as we know it due to the aggressive Coronavirus pandemic. The close of Q1 recorded the first major loss in the history of the Nigerian pension fund since the 2004 reform as the fund crashed by 1.71% to close at N10.327Trn as against N10.507Trn of the preceding month.

While the industry made a quick recovery with a 2.24% asset value rise by end of April 2020 and as of May the asset under management had grown to N10.8Trn, there is much still to be done in stabilizing the industry in the postcovid-19 reality. Various mitigating socio-economic factors still pose major challenges for the members and operators of the industry in the development of viable post covid-19 sustainability and adequacy strategies.

In the light of this, Retirement Benefit Advisory Limited (RBA) in collaboration with the Abuja School of Pension and Retirement Planning (Abuja Pension School-APS) is rolling out a bouquet of specialized programs to enhance sustainability in the Post Covid-19 period. The programs are targeted at enabling the recovery and sustained growth of members and operators of the industry as well as provide support for businesses in the allied industries.

Our programs range from business and actuarial advisory services, investment risk management, business continuity planning, pre-retirement planning, online learning and development to the organization of various roundtables and discussion sessions aimed at evaluating issues critical for the survival of businesses in these uncertain times.

Please find attached our Brochures detailing various industry-wide services RBA and APS provide. For more information and enquiries on the programs please contact RBA