The survival, continued growth and profitability of individual operators and industry has become dependent on approaching pension business from an integrated risk perspective. Hence, forward looking operators will constantly need to test the risk preparedness of their business by making the right investment in their people and processes to develop their risk response capability.

Our Risk Consultants will ensure that Risk Management is integrated into the DNA of the PFOs using international best practices to design or upgrade their risk response capability and readiness. We will assist operators to-

  • achieve maximum sustainable value from all their activities
  • improve desired probability outcomes with achieving their organizational objectives
  • achieve a better understanding of and response to risk across various organizational functions, board and business units for competitive advantage
  • effectively engage all their stakeholders.

Our strength lies within our:

  • Processes- We adopt international best practices and standards in delivering our risk consulting services while adapting them to the peculiarity of your business situation.
  • People- We take pride in our human resource, which constitute a range of highly specialized consultants with industry knowledge and certifications in relevant areas.
  • Partners- Our partners complement our ability to fully deliver in technology focused engagements.

We believe our specialties in the areas below will greatly add value to your processes:

  1. Financial Risk Management (FRM): Volatility in interest rates, currency markets and equities expose fund portfolios. Strategic fund management and effective decision making are crucial are crucial to achieve better business outcomes and increase value for multi-fund structure and their account holders. Our FRM consultants will work with your fund managers to develop risk optimization strategies that address a variety of financial risks to pension funds.
  2. Enterprise Risk Management(ERM): Risks are sometimes interconnected in nature, posing threats to the entire organization. Operators will require a wholistic approach that integrates risk management in the enterprise system and culture. Our ERM consultants will work with you to develop an enterprise-wide risk readiness and achieve ISO standards (ISO 31000). We implement ERM framework that realizes the following objectives:
  • strategic (high level goals, aligned with and supporting the operator’s mission)
  • operations (efficient and effective use of resources)
  • reporting (reliability of reporting)
  • compliance (compliance with laws and regulations).
  1. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC): Operators will constantly need to overcome the challenge of regulatory compliance, managing stakeholder expectations and protecting their brand. Our consultants will work with them to implement a GRC solution to build their capability to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. The GRC approach will ensure that
    • the right people get the right information at the right times;
    • that the right objectives are established;
    • and that the right actions and controls are put in place to address uncertainty and act with integrity.
  1. Cybersecurity: Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent while their impact on organizations more damaging financial and reputation-wise. The nature and scale of the business and investment activities in the pension industry will require heightened defensive and responsive mechanisms embedded in the IT strategy. Our expertise and partnerships with industry leaders in cybersecurity can develop the internal capacity of operators require to amongst others:
    • Discover and exploit vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure
    • Conduct forensic investigations of IT related occurrences
    • Harden enterprise architecture from the most advanced attacks

The Supporting Pillar of the Nigerian Pension Industry