FEBRUARY 26 – 27

Retirement Benefits Advisory

As technology continues to drive activities in every sphere of life, personal data is becoming a valuable commodity. With reflective impact in the pension industry as contributor base and fund assets increases, there is need for the industry to be prepared to continually avert potential threats aimed at stealing information
of contributors for fraudulent purposes amongst others as is already occurring in developed economies
This course will equip the participants with the necessary skills and strategy of operating a framework/guidelines to adapt to evolving threats to contributors’ information and pension asset safety, while instilling confidence in the Pension Scheme.
At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the Nigerian’s data protection legislation
  • Understand the relevance of Data protection to Pension Industry
  • Examine different frameworks/guidelines for data protection process
  • Apply Data protection legislation across the Nigerian Pension Industry
  • Look at the sights of the future of Data protection & Security in the Pension Industry.

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