RBA Advisory is focused on guiding and providing the desired support for organizations within the Pension and Allied industry in Nigeria towards the realization of their objectives and improvement of their overall performance.

We operate primarily by critically analyzing various aspects of business operations leveraging proven business analysis frameworks or applying proprietary methodologies in carrying out organizational diagnosis and proffering tailored solutions to help drive the organizations to the desired future state.


We provide strategy development and implementation guide services to organizations in the pension industry who are striving to put their organizational direction into a concise and executable short, medium and long term plans.

Our Strategic management retreat is designed to provide opportunities for management to review their organization’s performance and trends. In collaboration with the executive management, we strategize on modalities for improving organizational performance. Our facilitators are highly skilled consultants with strong understanding of business management, leadership styles and team dynamics.

As an authority in the Nigerian Pensions Industry, we provide business methodologies that can track and measure the performance of an organization. We work out the best way to tactically monitor and manage the Key Performance Indicators with the aid of our business intelligence.

Our team aligns our activities and resources to the specific needs of different organizations by developing a customized mix of communication and technology, using the information to make a well-rounded decision and transferring the principles of value oriented management into specific actions.

We partner with organizations in the Pensions Industry to develop a talent strategy roadmap by using business modelling and industry insight to optimize effectiveness in the area of talent management. By applying workforce & analytics, we help every organization set a unique employment assistance program based on their culture and needs.

We provide a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organization structure or culture changes within an organization. We know that shifting a culture requires a delicate systematic and well planned approach and we can help guide your organization through the necessary transition ensuring you are ready for change.

The Supporting Pillar of the Nigerian Pension Industry!